Walking the Walk

‘…The one great thing that England needs to learn is that Christ is found in and amid matter — Spirit through matter — God in flesh, God in the Sacrament.

But I say to you, . . . you have got to come out from before your Tabernacle and walk, with Christ mystically present in you, out into the streets of this country, and find the same Jesus in the people of your cities and your villages.

–Bishop Frank Weston of Zanzibar talking to an Anglo-Catholic Congress in the 1920’s.

We  must walk and not just pity but walk beside the Big Issue seller usually by Tesco . . . the man sitting cross-legged on the cold pavement in the shadow of Sainsbury’s not wanting to meet your eye . . . the old lady in a wheelchair struggling with her cardie . . . the young mum with a screaming toddler in a push-chair whom everyone resents at the bus stop . . . .

— Stephen D’Evelyn


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