Relating Moment by Small Moment: for Trinity Sunday, by Stephen D’Evelyn

Today is Trinity Sunday.
The Christian understanding and experience of God is relational. God as three ‘Persons’ cannot be reduced to our usual ‘this or that’ way of splitting things in half. Augustine and Aquinas after him describe Person as relating. God is relating. This helps us see how He transforms. It also helps us see how God reaches into our depths. When we feel like we are falling as we try to fall ssleep, when we feel we are drowning in uncertainty, when we feel cut loose from the assumptions we’ve looked forward to, God is there. This is the intimate otherness of divine love. This is the touch of the moment, each moment giving way to the next. God is working in and through time. In our fear a dn despeation, we want to know everything all at once. We want the security of seeing everything. But as finite we do not know this way. And so our future arrives as surprise. Even in the humdrum monotony of necesasry tasks, the grime and whine of the daily grind, God appears to us. In a touch. In a word. In the rites of the Church. In these small moment we can feel small. In the small hours of the night we nfeel small. When a small child climbs on our knee when we are trying to tuype, we may feel steimied by small things and small people. But sometimes we may also come to see that these small gifts are what count. The gift of each breath. The small gift of rain falling nad of rain stopping. We may come to see that what counts is not power. What really counts is not not piling up a pile, not scraping teh sky with a skyscraper with our names in lights, but being there to letting things happen. In letting things happen we let relating happen. We let God turn us around, moment by small moment.


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