Stephen D’Evelyn –All on a Sunday: Radio Gaga, Mass, and the Faces of the Saints

This morning we all went to Mass together as a family. It was wonderful. Our three children all behaved well. We listend to Queen blasting on the way there and the way home. ‘Radio Gaga’ turned out to be an unexpected favourite of us all.

It has been echoing in my memory all afternoon.
The cathedral felt strangely familiar although I had not been there for several years–I guess deep memories of the children’s baptisms came back. At Mass the music was lovely-singable yet musical. The homily was thoughtful yet appropriate in focus to the congregation as young families.

I noticed how diverse the people doing the Old Testament and New Testament readings were–Hispanic, Irish, English. It was an all-round success.

On the way out of the cathedral. I caught sight of the back wall. At first I thought it had an inscription on it, then I thought it was a map, finally I realised it was faces of the saints.

As I thought about that strange experience,  I noticed a progression of realization — from abstract word to abstract space to embodied person. This is surely a real divine gift.


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