Steve D’Evelyn on Suffering the Children in Church–and the Disabled and the Otherwise Powerless

It was another lovely Family Mass today.

On the way into the cathedral herding the children I noticed a couple of people–women—smiling at us and saying things like ‘Well done!’ to me as I guided the girls along.

A small thing perhaps but in my experience of the Church of England this difference of attitude to children is telling.

The Gospel reading was the account of the woman who washed Jesus’ feet and anointed them with her tears and precious ointment.

The priest spent as much time pointing out parallels with the Prodigal Son as anything, but the big point was God’s generosity.

Seeing things from God’s infinitely generous point of view seems key.
It is key to disability because for one thing it means embracing difference and not measuring shortcomings with reference to an able-bodied norm but treasuring what is there.

Not only crucial to disability but to all those–including children–who do not have power.

This IS the gospel. Seeing it and hearing it and experiencing it in church should be only natural.


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