What Happens When We Don’t: A New Poem by Stephen D’Evelyn

What Happens When We Don’t

It can be hard to practise not doing,

not talking,

holding back,

holding open,

without holding your breath.

People steer their way past,

guided by their phones.

The shade and sun and big translucent oak

play and arc across sky, road, doorway.

I turn around.

The sky shines opalescent blue.

Born Berkeley, CA, USA
holds a BA in German Studies and Ancient and Medieval Culture at BRown University and a PhD in Medieval Latin literature from Cambridge
has held teaching and research positions at Harvard Divinity School, the University of Notre Dame, Providence College,and the University of Bristol
Now lives in Bristol, England with his wife and their three children
Employed as casework coordinator and equality rep (disability) for the University and College Union branch at the University of Bristol


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