About Stephen D’Evelyn



Stephen D’Evelyn, PhD (Cantab), is a disability activist. He is branch secretary and officer for disability at Bristol University’s branch of the University and College Union. He is visually impaired. He has taught Latin language and literature and Medieval Studies at the University of Bristol and at several institutions in the United States. He lives in Bristol with his wife Rachel. They have three children.  He is especially interested in disability and feminist theology, bottom-up approaches to liturgy and sacramental theology, and Christian aesthetics.


One thought on “About Stephen D’Evelyn

  1. Hi Steve,

    When I read a description of this column, I thought of you. It might be a good place for you to say something about your work that educators need to hear. Between your background in literature and theology, what you do at Bristol, and your unique view and experience I believe you could offer something important. It’s the fourth column down, “Disabling Assumptions.”


    All the best to you!


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